Balcony Solar Storage System

B2500 is the latest easy-to-install balcony solar storage system,
enables you to optimize your energy usage and reduce your electric bill.

  • 2240Wh


  • 6720Wh

    Max. Capacity

  • 1000W

    Max. Solar Input

  • 800W

    Max. DC Output

6000+ Lifecycles LiFePO4 Battery

With over 6000 charge cycles, it promises to light up your moments for a decade or more.

Expandable Up to
2240Wh to 6720Wh

With the potential to expand up to a whopping 6720Wh,
it's tailored for adaptability,
letting you start strong and grow even stronger

Expand Output & Input Anytime

A single B2500 unit offers 1000W dual MPPT solar panel input and 800W DC output.

Smart BMS
Multiple Safety Protection

Real-time detection of voltage, current, temperature, etc.

  • OCP

  • OVP

  • OCP

  • ODP

  • OTP

  • SCP

1000W PV Input

By integrating the advanced dual MPPT with a robust 1000W PV Input

Dual Channel 500W × 2

99%Micro-lnverters Compatible

Granting you the freedom to pair with a diverse selection of solar panels and microinverters on the market.
Whether you're integrating existing solar equipment or starting anew, the B2500 effortlessly melds with your setup.


B2500Balcony Solar Storage System
  • Capacity:


  • Battery Type:


  • Lifecycle:

    6000+ times

  • PV Input:

    500W × 2 (1000W Max.)

  • Input Voltage:


  • Max. Input Current:

    13.5A × 2

  • DC Output:

    400W × 2 (800W Max)

  • Output Voltage:


  • Max. Output Current:

    15A × 2

  • Storage Temp.:


  • Operating Temp.:


  • Material:

    ABS + Metal

  • Weight:


  • Measure:


  • Wireless:

    Bluetooth 5.2, WIFI 2.4G

  • BMS: