Actively develop lithium battery innovative technology and research new materials


Battery Technology

  • High Energy Density


    It adopts a new composition of cathode and anode, overcomes the energy density limitation of the existing technology, and realizes a more efficient rechargeable battery with an energy density of up to 200wh / kg

  • Single Capacity


    Cell dimensions and capacity can be customized as needed

  • High Rate Charge Discharge

    2C High Rate

    By improving the rate of intercalation and intercalation of lithium ions in the positive / negative active material and the ionic conductivity of electrolyte, 2C high rate charge and discharge can be realized under the conditions of safety and no loss of life

  • Long Lifecycle Technology

    6000+ Times

    Through the improvement of the new electrolyte formula or the formation system of additives and cells, the high-temperature cycle life at 50℃ is increased by about 150% and the cycle times are 6000+

Intelligent Battery Management System

(BMS) Core Technology

  • Multiple detection technology

    Multiple sensors and chips are used to accurately read the status data of each cell in real time, providing higher accuracy for SOC and SOH

  • SOC Technology

    High precision and robustness, effectively prolonging the service life and service time of the battery

  • SOH Technology

    Monitor each cell in real time, collect and store the data of each charge and discharge, analyze the health status of each cell, and identify abnormal cells in advance

Distributed and Centralized PV Inverter Technology

  • Wide Voltage Input

    Normal operation within a wide range of DC input voltage,for example 25V~55V, 125V~850V

  • Multiple MPPT Technology

    Track the maximum power point of solar cells to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

  • Anti Islanding Technology

    Anti islanding protection design makes the entire system more secure.

  • Micro PV Inverter Technology

    A photovoltaic inverter that operates in conjunction with a single solar module, converting the DC of the solar into AC

PCS Technology

Max. 16kW Input

Max. 13kW Output

  • Inverters Parallel Technology

    By paralleling multiple inverters, the total input and output power can be increased to adapt to more scenarios.

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology

    220V@50Hz Pure sine wave stable output, good output waveform and high inverter power

  • Off / On Grid and Hybrid Inverter Technology

    Master the off grid and on grid technologies of single-phase, three-phase, and split phase inverters.