Hame attend CES 2024 with a new power supply lineup


From January 9 to 12, 2024, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas, USA, the world's most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition, opened grandly.

As a leader in PD fast charging and powerful magnetic technology power supplies, Hame has brought the 21700 series of super fast charging sources with PD 100W maximum power and 25000mAh maximum capacity, pushing the portable life power experience to a climax.
In addition, the site also displayed built-in wires & brackets & strong magnetic series power supplies, as well as economical digital display & light display series power supplies. Creative product designs close to life, combined with intelligent power input and output, perfectly show the best of daily electricity life. attitude.

The new high-quality rechargeable battery series is equipped with six core advantages such as 2590mWh large capacity, 1.5V full-range constant voltage, and USB-C portable charging. The self-developed smart lithium battery cell enhances battery efficiency and ensures the safety of electricity use. It is easily compatible with many technological digital products on the market, bringing you a technological life experience with worry-free power consumption.

Large-capacity PD fast-charging mobile power supply, dark green and ink gray collide, stylish appearance, portable lifting strap design, super large capacity range of 5000mAh~80000mAh, supports PD up to 100W, solar power up to 120W charging, realizing macbook, laptop and various Easily power portable devices.

Combining both technology and appearance, the two series of outdoor power supplies adopt a minimalist dark gray color scheme and are embellished with metal casings, interpreting a tough and elegant temperament. Each model of the product is equipped with two-way inverter technology, with multiple power inputs of 500W~2400W. output, helping users get rid of electricity anxiety, meet various power consumption scenarios for home and outdoor electrical equipment, and control their life with full power at all times.