Hame presented a variety of power supply products at the 2024 Japan Smart Energy Week


From February 28th to March 1st, the 3-day 15th Japan Smart Energy Week - Smart Grid and Energy Storage System Exhibition (INT’L SMART GRID EXPO) was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. As a large-scale, professional and influential energy storage exhibition in Asia, it has attracted the attention of many professionals in the field of energy storage power supply around the world.

As a global expert in the field of mobile power and outdoor energy storage, Hame unveiled a full range of new power supplies, covering No. 5 and No. 7 USB-C rechargeable lithium batteries, portable TYPE-C mobile power supplies, 21700 series PD fast charging sources, S- pro series portable outdoor power supplies and many other product series, leading partners and consumers to jointly start a smart portable power life.

As an industry leader in PD fast charging and large-capacity mobile power supplies, H's booth became the focus of the event on the day of the launch. Professional mobile power customers and visitors from all over the world gathered at the booth.

Among them, the 21700 series super fast charging source, PD100W maximum power, 25000mAh maximum capacity and many other high-quality power supply performance displays not only express the rapid development of new power products and new technologies to customers, but also demonstrate new ideas for future portable power consumption. A commitment to life and user needs.