Gathering innovation, illuminating the future! MARSTEK's Portable ESS Comes to SNEC 2024


From June 13th to 15th, the 17th International SNEC 2024 was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and MARSTEK made a brilliant debut with its optical storage solution. This exhibition showcases exquisite products such as JUPITER series balcony photovoltaic energy storage systems, VENUS series AC Couple intelligent AC coupling systems, MARS series integrated/split household photovoltaic energy storage systems, etc., to meet the needs of users for new energy electricity and daily life.

At the exhibition, many visitors from both inside and outside the industry showed strong interest in MARSTEK's display of efficient energy storage products. These products not only represent MARSTEK's latest achievements in technological innovation, but also reflect the brand's professional expertise in the new energy industry and firm belief in sustainable development for the future.

The crowded booth not only demonstrates the market appeal of MARSTEK's ESS, but also reflects the brand's leading position in promoting the development of green energy. Domestic and foreign customers have highly praised the cutting-edge technology of the product and shown a strong willingness to cooperate.

VENUS Series

AC Couple Intelligent Communication Coupling System

The AC Couple intelligent communication coupling system connects the battery energy storage system (BESS) to the power grid through the AC side. The product can be easily added to existing photovoltaic systems without the need for additional DC-DC converters, and can operate in both grid connected and off grid situations (i.e. power outage or grid failure). With a high power of 2.5kW, it can easily meet daily electricity consumption while quickly arbitrage peak and valley price differences, achieving energy recovery and utilization, and saving electricity bills.


Integrated Micro Energy Storage System

The ALL-IN-ONE BALCONY ESS integrated micro energy storage system adopts DC splitter+lithium iron phosphate battery cell technology. Its advanced energy storage technology can provide power to most household appliances, effectively avoiding high electricity bills and easily responding to various emergency electricity situations. The capacity of a single product ranges from 2560Wh to 5120Wh, supporting up to 2kW solar input and 800W AC output, providing users with a better home energy storage and consumption experience.


Off Grid Energy Storage System

The On/Off Grid ESS off grid energy storage system adopts a stackable module design, with a maximum capacity that can be expanded to 15.36kWh. It supports a maximum of 2kW solar input and 800W output, and has a waterproof rating of IP65. While providing users with a better electricity experience, it can also achieve peak shaving and valley filling, saving expenses. The product has an off grid backup function. When the mains power stops (power outage), it can switch to the backup power supply in 20ms, with a backup power output of 2.5kW, easily responding to various power outage emergency situations.