Hame launches revolutionary venus series AC coupled energy storage systems


On June 13, 2023, Hame unveiled its latest developed Venus series AC coupled energy storage system at the grand Shanghai SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition. The system has won high attention from on-site audiences and industry experts for its unique plug and play design, powerful functionality, and wide applicability.

The communication coupled energy storage system released by Hame has completely overturned the installation and use of traditional energy storage systems. The system does not require a complex installation process, and users only need to plug the power cord into any wall socket to easily achieve plug and play. This innovative design greatly simplifies the usage process of energy storage systems and brings unprecedented convenience to users.

As an independent energy storage system, the Venus series AC coupled energy storage system has dual functions of peak shaving and valley filling, as well as household emergency power. It can be set during low peak electricity periods, and the system stores electricity at a low price to provide continuous and stable power support for households during peak electricity consumption or power outages, achieving reasonable distribution and efficient utilization of electricity.

In addition, the system can seamlessly integrate with deployed photovoltaic systems, forming a complete photovoltaic energy storage system, maximizing the efficiency of the photovoltaic system, enjoying stable power supply, and maximizing economic benefits.

The communication coupled energy storage system released this time demonstrates Hame's continuous innovative strength in the field of energy storage technology. We will continue to be committed to researching and promoting efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent energy storage products, providing better energy solutions for global users.