S1000 Portable Power Station

A portable energy storage device that provides high-power AC and DC power,
It is widely used in outdoor camping, self driving residence, outdoor camera, outdoor group construction, emergency disaster relief, medical first aid and other occasions etc

  • 1021Wh


  • 1200W Max


  • 240W Max


Laminated Battery,
Single High Capacity,
Low Internal Resistance

Used Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, and the puncture test is not burning,
Extrusion deformation without explosion, working temperature - 10 ~ 40℃

Lifecycle ≥ 4000 times
Longer Service Life

Through the laboratory battery cycle life test,
More than 4000 charges and discharges,
The capacity of the cell can keep above 80% of original rated

Three Charging Modes

It can be charged through mains wall plug,
solar panel and automobile cigarette lighter, and supports max. 240W input

power station
  • battery

    Outlet Charge

  • Solar Pannel

    Solar Pannel

  • Car Port

    Car Port

Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
Multiple Safety Protection

Real-time detection of voltage, current, temperature, etc.

  • Over Current Protection

    Over Current Protection

  • Over Voltage Protection

    Over Voltage Protection

  • Over Charge Protection

    Over Charge Protection

  • Over Discharge Protection

    Over Discharge Protection

  • Over Temperature Protection

    Over Temperature Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

    Short Circuit Protection

App Real-time Monitoring Equipment

The current multiple status indexes of the equipment can be viewed through app;

The switch of each output interface can be controlled through app;

App supports IOS and Android dual systems

power station app

Rich Types of Interfaces
More Convenient Charging and Discharging

Input interface: DC*1
Output interface: AC*2, USB-C*2, USB-A*2, DC*2, Cigarette Lighter*1



S1000 Portable Power Station
  • Capacity:

    510Wh / 518Wh / 768Wh / 1021Whv

  • DC Output:

    12V/10A (120W Max)

  • Battey Chemistry:

    Li-ion NCM / LiFePO4

  • Storage Temp.:


  • Lifecycle:

    1000+ / 4000+

  • Work Temp.:


  • Indicator:


  • DC Input:

    12V-32V (240W Max)

  • Protection:

    OVP, OCP, ODP, SCP, etc.

  • AC Output:

    1200W Max

  • Material:


  • USB-C Output:

    100W Max

  • Screen Size:


  • USB-A Output:

    5-18V (18W Max)

  • Dimensions:


  • Car Port Output:

    12V/10A (120W Max)

  • Weight: