HAME Launched New Products at CES 2020,USA. By Using Technological Innovation to Talk to the World


8 innovative mobile energy storage products newly developed by HAME were officially released at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA on January 7, the first overseas tour exhibition of HAME in 2020 has started and welcome to HAME hall4 #36511! CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world, it is not only a display platform for the world's top scientific and technological achievements but also the vane of future technological development. The organizer expected that the number of visitors to the exhibition will reach 160,000. HAME was crowded with visitors, and many new and old customers stopped to visit and experience.

With the advent of 5G, 3nm chips, AI and other high-tech. It will push the mobile terminal to become smaller, smarter and more powerful. The future world is intelligent and mobile, which will bring greater market demand for energy storage.

Scientific and technological innovation is the cornerstone of the survival and development of all enterprises. HAME keep continuing to innovate in product technology, appearance, application scenarios, production technology, etc., to create stronger competitiveness for customers.

The holographic digital display makes charging visible
In the future, consumers will have higher and higher requirements for "right to know" when charging their smart devices. Only when they know more information can they know whether the system is compatible and whether the charging is safe. Thanks to the accumulation of technologies in the field of AI intelligence and mobile energy storage for many years, through the design and development of the R&D team for more than 3 months, the OLED screen holographic digital display mobile energy storage product has been officially launched. It has the following characteristics: Upgraded to a holographic digital display. It not only displays the remaining power, but also displays real-time input and output voltage, current, power, charging protocol, remaining power, etc.

Adopt OLED display
Lighter and thinner, with wider viewing angles and very low power consumption

According to IDC data, Apple Air Pods has a 35% share in the global wearable device market, with shipments exceeding 60 million units in 2019. Although the charging box of the AirPods prolonged the battery life of the Bluetooth earphones, the charging box can only charge the earphones about 2 times, which is still not enough for users who frequently use earphones or travel far away. Based on this, HAME has developed a 10000mAh mobile energy storage product. The 1th generation and 2th generation charging boxes can be perfectly embedded, which solves the problem of AirPods going out for multiple charging while taking into account the perfect storage function.

HAME has specially developed two mobile energy storage products of 20000mAh and 15000mAh for mobile devices that require high-power charging, also support PD 60W/45W and QC 27W input and output, such as notebook computers, super fast charging mobile phones, etc. It is ideal for restoring the power of mobile electronic products quickly.

Technology is boundless, innovation is eternal, while the technological innovation of HAME products, we strive to build an ecological chain of mobile energy storage industry, focusing on energy storage products ODM/OEM. HAME has now invested in the construction of high polymer lithium battery production base in Hunan- TIMES Industrial Park, mobile energy storage production base in Xiangxi - HAME Industrial Park, also R&D and Manufacturing Center in Shenzhen. All of the above have brought the annual production capacity of mobile energy storage products reaches 36 million units. Finally, all partners are welcome to visit our booth and wish HAME a great success in CES 2020.