HAME Outdoor Power Station Show in the CES 2022, Let the World See Us

At the beginning of the new year, on January 5, US time, the world's largest consumer electronics show CES 2022 was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States. Although the scale of offline exhibitions this year is not as good as in previous years, there are still more than 2,200 companies participating. We Hame attend the show with a full range of outdoor power station and power banks. It will open the first overseas exhibition in 2022.

A full line of power products attack the world's first outdoor power market

According to the report of the American Outdoor Foundation, the United States, the largest country in outdoor sports, has a population of 320 million, and its outdoor sports population accounts for 48.4% of the total population of the United States. Americans have a tradition of being close to nature. Outdoor sports can be said to be deeply rooted in the bone marrow, and there is a huge demand for outdoor supplies. Outdoor power station solve the problem of outdoor power consumption for outdoor enthusiasts. While integrating into nature, they can also enjoy the convenience of technology products. Experience more refined outdoor life, so the outdoor power station has a large number of people who just need it and has a good development prospect.

Looking at the "latest technologies and products" around the world, "crowds" have never been absent

As the vane of the world's top technology, CES in the United States attracts visitors from all over the world. The Hame’s booth is located in the Central Hall #18269 booth of the Las Vegas Convention Center. On the first day, many professional buyers  come and vist Hame’s booth and indicates that further details will be communicated after the show.

"A full range" of new outdoor power station, covering a variety of outdoor power needs

With the advancement of science and technology, more electronic and electrical products serve people's life and work. In outdoor temporary power consumption scenarios such as outdoor camping, RV living, outdoor engineering, field rescue, outdoor performances and publicity, there are different requirements for electricity and output power. In order to fully meet various power consumption scenarios, we have developed a number of outdoor power supply series :

From the product function classification includes:

Portable outdoor power station, mobile outdoor power station, portable expansion battery pack, etc.

From the output power classification includes:


From the battery capacity classification includes:
512Wh、768Wh、1024Wh、1280Wh、2048Wh、2212Wh、4096Wh、8192Wh、10240Wh、16384Wh etc.

Where there is "light", there is "electricity", a variety of high-efficiency folding solar panels

At the same time, 120W, 180W and 300W outdoor folding portable solar panels were exhibited this time, using monocrystalline silicon panels with a conversion rate of over 23%. The outdoor power supply has built-in the latest MPPT solar controller, which can quickly replenish the power when the sun is full, solve the problem of outdoor charging and ensure continuous power output.

40Ah/pcs single high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, long life, safer, and lower internal resistance

Hame outdoor power station adopts 40Ah single large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery independently developed and produced, which greatly improves the performance and safety of the entire equipment.

BMS more precise operation
The number of cores in the whole machine is reduced, the balance is easier, and the safety, reliability and power conversion efficiency of the whole system are improved;

Supports higher input and output power

Battery support 1C charging and 2C discharging.
Can achieve 600W, 2000W and other higher power fast charging
More Cycles

Battery support 4000 Cycles
Low battery calorific value, very low internal consumption
The internal resistance of the battery cell is less than 0.5 milliohms, which effectively reduces the battery heating and self-consumption, and prolongs the battery life.

New mobile power bank support, solar charging, unlimited power

This time Hame released the new solar charger S01 and  new power bank S02 which can support solar charging aim for light-packed outdoor sports enthusiasts such as mountaineering and hiking.With the blessing of the solar charger, the long-term use of electricity for camping in the wild is more secure, and it can avoid the inability to communicate with the outside world due to the lack of power on the mobile phone in emergency situations.

Solar Charger
Using four-page folding monocrystalline silicon integrated solar panel, waterproof and dustproof, the conversion rate exceeds 23%, and the maximum output is 32W.
mobile power
Optional 20000mAh and 40000mAh, support up to 100W charging and discharging, which can meet the DC power consumption of most digital devices on the market.

Follow new technology,go forward bravely, let work see us

In the competition for mobile energy storage technology, we are going forward bravely, being the retrograde of the epidemic, and traveling thousands of miles to attend the show, just to let the world see us and enjoy our products. I believe that our outdoor power station products will bring more convenience to outdoor activities, reduce group gathering activities through comfortable outdoor life, and wish people around the world an early success in fighting the epidemic.