Hame with Easepower to launch the first wireless charging + PD two-in-one fast charging power bank in shock


The iPhone 8/X has taken the two markets of wireless charging and PD function by storm since its launched。Hamedata and Easepower launched the first ‘wireless charging + PD two-in-one power bank for iPhone 8/X’ in the industry. This product combines wireless charging and PD/QC functions into a small power bank, which a wonderful power bank for iPhone 8/X can be quickly charged with wires and wireless charged ordinarily. Additionally, the power bank can be used for Samsung wireless charging and fast charging for mobile phones which can support PD/QC function. Hamedata has launched product with such advanced technology since the release of iPhone 8/X, the driving force behind it is Hamedata’s strategic partner, the famous IC manufacturer Easepower.

It is reported that in the past Hong Kong exhibition, Hamedata has received orders from many customers with this product, and it can be said that it has achieved a lot.


power bank

metal power bank

Wireless charging for iPhone 8/X:


Fast charging(PD function)for iPhone 8:

Fast charging(PD function)for iPhone X:

Fasting charging with QC protocol for LG G5:

The solution, which IC used in is EDP3026P from Easepower, has been applied to many companies with perfect performance.

Compared with the 10000mAh boosted PD power bank solutions of some e-commerce brands, the Easepower solution does not require MCU patches, and is currently the only mature single-IC mobile phone PD power bank solution that can be mass-produced, and the charging and discharging efficiency is far ahead. Coupled with the wireless charging function.. The technical content of this product of Hamedata should not be overlooked.

Peter Yang, President of Hamedata, said: iPhone 8/X supports wireless charging and PD function, and of course the power bank which is compatible with wireless charging and PD/QC function will be naturally the inevitable development direction of the industry. Only one month after the release of iPhone 8, Hamedata took the lead in developing a power bank product that supports both wireless charging and PD/QC function. We have to thank our strategic partner, the famous IC manufacturer Easepower. I was impressed by their strong IC and hardware & software design teams.

Yuchun Wu, President of Easepower, said: Hamedata is a famous power bank manufacturer in China. Mr. Yang's keen market sense, global vision and strategic pattern are admirable. We are also very proud to be able to work together with the engineering & business team of Hamedata to launch such an exciting product before the Hong Kong exhibition. I believe that Hamedata can make a great profit in this wave of fast charging

In view of the good reputation of Hamedata in the industry, the consistent high-efficiency and high-quality IC solutions of Easepower, and the price that is enough to detonate the entire market, we expect this product to become an industry hit!